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High energy and fun with accelerated networking




If you need a fast, effective and fun way to break the ice and get people networking, laughing and learning about one another then this is it!


Each person receives a padlocked neck lanyard and device that they themselves cannot open. The only way to get it unlocked and retrieve the mission critical information or components inside is to relentlessly network the room to find their secretly pre-allotted team mates.


In addition to this, people cannot simply zip around the room to find a suitable and quick unlock but they must also carefully sift the room for key matches to their individual Human Treasure Hunt template.


Points are earned for accurate matches to a range of personal criteria and categories that can only be gleaned from meaningful interaction and discussion with lots of different people as you circulate in the room.


EVENT DURATION: 30 - 45 mins


GROUP SIZE: 10 and up