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Tailored "front page" headlines with a twist




Your teams have been sent on assignment to provide all the photos and colour needed for the latest edition of the TEAM TIMES!


Each team will need to produce a colourful, eclectic and often controversial portfo-lio of Polaroid pics that donít just tell the story, but excite and engage the target audience.


Armed with a challenging task list of potential targets and strange subject matter (for both outlandishly creative & contrastingly complex replication based photo challenges) teams must harness not just their creativity and sense of humour, but also some attention to detail and careful time management to get the job done profitably.


Its amazing just how far some team members will be prepared to go to not only get the best shots, but on many occasions also appear as surprise stars of some of the best Paparazzi style shots youíll ever see.




GROUP SIZE 8 and up.


WHAT DO YOU GET? Professional staff, briefing packages and equipment needed for the challenge.

Call Us: 1300 731 381 (Australia - Wide)

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