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Hilarious overdubs to capture messages and content




Bizarre clips of old footage, classic films, crazy game shows and schlock horror are randomly allocated to teams on portable playback devices for each team to craft their own hilarious overdubs of di-alogue using special concept templates.


Access to sound FX materials, props and workshops will be of use, and teams will of course need to match their creativity and humour to the task of writing, rehearsing and ultimately flawlessly performing an overdub of the allocated footage that features your nominated key themes and issues.


The end results are very funny, engaging and also a clever way of getting people to en-gage with, think about and summarise key issues, values or themes in a memorable way.




GROUP SIZE 14 and up.


WHAT DO YOU GET? Professional staff, team equipment packs, props and equipment for a host of games, trivia sessions and team stunts


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