Belbin Sydney


Would you like to get to the bottom of what really makes your team tick?


Sabre Corporate Development (TBD's parent company) are an Official Belbin Australia Rep and can offer the full range of Belbin Australia products and services in Sydney and surroundign areas including... 


  • Belbin profiles via working account or bureau service

  • Belbin reports

  • Offciial 2 Day Belbin Accreditation Courses for Sydney

  • Full sale, service and support of all Belbin products and approaches

  • Belbin consulting for team and leadership development in Sydney and all surrounding areas and NSW


The Belbin Team Role Model is a world class tool for profiling teams and leaders to identify behaviour, operating methods, strengths, weaknesses and biases.  


It can be utilised for ...


  • Team Building and Team Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Conflict Resolution

  • As an aid to recruiting

  • Career path planning

  • Personal development


... and much more.


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