Indoor or Outdoor Team Building?

Indoor Team Building Activities or Outdoor Team Building Activities? Which is best?

With weather patterns becoming as unpredictable as the stock markets these days the choice between and Indoor Team activity or an Outdoor Activity is getting tougher.

The outdoors certainly offers a lovely variation from the norm for folks who may work every day in a CBD office building, but then the stress arising from rain on the day, along with the misery of wet and cold participants can be hard to handle.

Rain ponchos on stand by for the activity can be of some comfort, but at the end of the day there is a risk that any outdoor activity construct can be significantly impacted by inclement weather.

Indoor team activities have become more sophisticated in the last decade and thus can present a nice alternative to just heading outdoors, and can remove the stress of needing to constantly surf the Bureau of Meteorology website every 10 minutes in the days leading up to your event.

It does often mean needing to book additional meeting spaces, but can give you an all weather option. Another alternative is to book the outdoor event as Plan A, and pay the provider to have a Plan B indoor option of equal quality on standby as a back up?

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